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🕯✨ Introducing Divine Light: A Melodic Alchemy of Music and Magic ✨🕯

Jade Oracle group photo, Coy Lim spreading tarot cards on a spiritual table

Step into the realm of enchantment, where melodies weave through the air like whispers from the cosmos, and the flicker of candlelight dances to the rhythm of the universe. Welcome to the mystical world of Jade Oracle, where neo-soul meets jazz, and siren songs beckon you to explore the depths of your soul.

Jade Oracle group photo, musicians on a couch

Led by the ethereal high priestess Coy Lim and the enigmatic Synth Sage, Jake Alvarez, Jade Oracle is more than just a band—it's a bewitching potion, a journey into the unknown, a symphony of the spirit. Their latest offering, the Divine Light EP, released on February 11th, 2024, is a testament to their otherworldly talents and their ability to transport listeners to realms beyond imagination. But the magic doesn't stop there.

On the eve of the Divine Light EP release, the magical collaboration between Jade Oracle and Olive's Candles & Gifts was unveiled in all its splendor at the historic Roxy on Broadway. This event wasn't just a typical release party; it was a Lunar New Year Extravaganza, a celebration of the year of the Yang Wood Dragon and the culmination of Jade Oracle's creative journey. Bathed in the glow of candlelight and surrounded by the pulsating energy of the crowd, Jade Oracle cast a spell like never before, enchanting all who gathered with their ethereal melodies and transcendent harmonies.

As the Divine Light candle flickered on stage and Jade Oracle illuminated the space with their bewitching glow, attendees were transported to a realm where music and magic intertwined, where the boundaries between the seen and the unseen blurred into oblivion. It was a night of pure enchantment, a celebration of creativity, collaboration, culture, community, and the boundless power of the human spirit. And as the final notes of the evening echoed into the night, it was clear that Divine Light had truly arrived, casting its radiant glow of luck and prosperity upon all who dared to dream.

In collaboration with Olive's Candles & Gifts, Jade Oracle brought their mystical vision to life with the creation of their Divine Light candles. Crafted with the same care and intentionality that drives their music, these soy wax candles are infused with the herbal notes of black tea and citrusy pink grapefruit, invoking energies of protection, cleansing, and luck.

Olive's Candles & Gifts, born in the heart of Denver, Colorado, has been a beacon of light since 2022. Owner and candlemaker Olive La Estrella pours their heart and soul into each candle, infusing them with positive intentions and a sprinkle of magic. It was only natural that Olive and Coy Lim would come together to create something truly special—a collaboration that illuminates the senses and lifts the spirit.

Now, you can bring the enchanting vibes of Jade Oracle into your home with Divine Light candles, the perfect accompaniment to their mesmerizing melodies. Whether you're seeking solace, setting the mood for a magical evening, or simply basking in the glow of pure, unadulterated magic, these candles are sure to delight the senses and ignite the imagination.

So, let the music of Jade Oracle serenade your soul, as the scent of Divine Light candles fills the air. Embrace the magic, embrace the mystery, and let yourself be carried away on a wave of melody and light.

🎶✨ Purchase Divine Light candles here: Link to Olive's Candles & Gifts

🎵🕯 Stream the Divine Light EP here: Link to Divine Light EP

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of Jade Oracle and let your spirit soar. The journey awaits...

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