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Jade Oracle Unleashes Lunar New Year Magic with Divine Light EP Release Extravaganza at Roxy on Broadway

Jade Oracle, Denver's premiere witchy neo-soul joint to appease the Void, is throwing a Lunar New Year Extravaganza on February 10th., 2024 at the Broadway Roxy to celebrate the year of the Yang Wood Dragon and the release of their new EP: Divine Light. The event features an art-centric night market heavily composed of AAPI, BIPOC, and 2SLGBTQ+ creators, special food and drinks, and some of Colorado's finest AAPI musicians to set the vibe for an unforgettable evening. Red, gold and green attire is encouraged, please avoid white if possible for an auspicious start to a momentous year of the Dragon. Dinner starts at 6pm, show and special celebration begins at 9. 

Jade Oracle, the enchanting neo-soul band, posing for a group photo at Town Hall Collective. The image features six adults: Coy Lim, the high priestess and vocalist/keyboardist; Jake Alvarez, the synth sage and guitarist; Calvin Davis, the dimension dealer and drummer; Zoe Moff the bassist; Dax Oliver, vocalist; and Brionne Aigne, vocalist. They are captured in a dynamic moment, radiating the energy of their bewitching music. The group is adorned in black attire.

Jade Oracle is a bewitching potion of neo-soul, jazz, and siren songs to appease the Void. Led by the creative nexus of high priestess Coy Lim (Vox and Keys), synth sage Jake Alvarez (Guitar, MIDI Guitar), and dimension dealer Calvin Davis (Drums) their music has enthralled audiences across the US. Otherworldly grooves, ethereal eastern-inspired melodies, and silken sonic soundscapes define Jade Oracle; and beguile the listener to transcend this mortal plane to explore the realms of spirit and shadow.

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